Laboratory Washers

1800 LXA Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer

Enable loading of 6 independent racks on a choice of 8 levels as a result of its innovative design

820 LX Undercounter Glassware Washer Dryer

Underbench Washer with chemical storage and direct injection drying

910 LX Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer

An all around Glassware Washer Dryer, offering 2 levels of cleaning with a choice of position for the upper level

1300 LX Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer

Large capacity at a reasonable cost

1600 LXP Freestanding Glassware Washer and Dryer

Large chamber that can wash and dry on 4 levels simultaneously

810 LX / 815 LX Undercounter Laboratory Glassware Washer

The ultimate space saving washer